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Do you love your pet? Of course you do, I mean, just look at your pet's face.


Wow. That's a top-quality face that pet's got. 


Wouldn't you love to wake up and look at that face for the rest of your life, even long after your buddy leaves your side? Let me help with that. 


I've been digitally painting personalized pet portraits for friends and family--portraits that capture not only the adorable face of their favorite pet, but also highlight their unique quirks. Take a look at some of the portrait packages below!

Let's Paint your Pet!

"So How do we paint my pet?"

Great question! 


First, take a look down at the portrait packages below--each Pet Painting Package includes a customized digital art print of your pet, but the size of the print varies by the package selection. 


Once you make a purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and a second email from me requesting pet photos along with general questions about your pet. (I want to get a good feel for your pet's personality and quirks to ensure the best portrait!). Feel free to include artistic ideas for your portrait in this email. 

Then, the art begins! Please allow 2-4 weeks upon receipt of the photos/pet info for the portrait to be developed. You will receive an email with tracking info once the package has been shipped. 

If you have further questions, please utilize the contact field below.

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Pet Portrait Packages

Previously Painted Pets