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Painted Pet: The Concept

Hey there! Welcome to Painted Pet!

I'm Patrick. I sort of run this whole shindig. Speaking of shindig, let me explain how this shindig works.

(Really trying to bring back the word "shindig")

Do you have a pet you love? Or do you have a friend that has a pet they love? I'm sure you do!

If you take a look at some of the portraits I've previously created, you'll notice each one has a pop art background--patterned with a specific object. Each of these backgrounds have been informed by the pets favorite food, favorite toy, or by other special connections the pet owner has noted.

For example, meet Bandit:

Bandit is my Aunt Paula and Uncle Joe's terrier. They mentioned that when they were deciding on a name for the little guy, Joe insisted that the name had to start with a "B". Why's that? Well, with the introduction of Bandit, Paula and Joe would become: Paula, Bandit, and Joe--or "PB&J".


I'd love to make a portrait for you that captures the special relationship you have with your pet. Take a look at the painting package options on the site's front page for more info! Let's get to work on a shindig!

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